Testimonials for Nikos Kaklamanakis

1.Nikos is an inspiration to millions of Greeks, and he is an inspiration when you meet him in person. Having succeeded at the very highest level of international competition, Nikos is very well-placed to pass on insights, advice and life-lessons that are thought-provoking and adaptable to virtually any activity. He is also an excellent speaker, with a great empathy for people no matter whether he is talking to the highest business leaders or young school children. I and my team were so proud that he agreed to appear at the 2015 Greek Shipping Awards. He spoke in front of nearly 1,200 people at our dinner, including numerous business leaders, politicians and diplomats, and he was a highlight of the evening.
Nigel Lowry - Director, Lloyd’s List Greek Shipping Awards

2. On behalf of myself and my Leadership Team, I would like to extend my thanks for coming to present at our meeting in Athens on Wednesday evening. Your talk was deeply inspiring - your heart-felt delivery and clear passion for your sport touched many people. The feedback from the team has been very positive and they greatly enjoyed hearing about both the highlights and challenges from your long and accomplished career.
With my very best wishes,
Steve Stathis Tzikakis
SVP & GM South Europe, Middle East and Africa

3. "Nikos presented his story to an international audience of 35 Senior SAP Executives. He is a wonderful speaker - the audience was completely engaged, inspired and moved by his talk. Nikos has the ability to tell a great story whilst making useful connections to personal and business issues. There were many thought provoking ideas generated which I’m sure we will all remember in the months ahead.” Manos Raptopoulos – Managing Director SAP HELLAS, Cyprus & Malta

4. "Nikos delivered a session to the SAP South Europe, Middle East and Africa Leadership Team in June 2015. Nikos’s personal story of triumph and his commitment to continuous and never ending improvement was the perfect motivation the team. Nikos tailored his message in-line with the overall objectives of the session and the result was more than just a compelling story; it was a compelling and relevant business message.” Jessica Lattimer - Global Corporate Affairs, EMEA

5."Nikos is a very positive, entertaining and intelligent speaker who can act as a real inspiration to any audience. His ability to capture the emotion from the many triumphs of his career was transfixing and left a lasting impact on us all.”.” Peter Heffner - VP Strategic Customers

6. Μας ταξίδεψε στη θάλασσά του.
Μας μάγεψε με τη διαδρομή του.
Μας συγκίνησε με την αγάπη του για την Ελλάδα.
Μας ενέπνευσε να γινόμαστε συνεχώς καλύτεροι.

Ο Νίκος Κακλαμανάκης μας δίδαξε την ισορροπία της ζωής. Την ισορροπία της λογικής με το συναίσθημα, της ταπεινότητας με την αυτοπεποίθηση.

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Ερρίκος Μοάτσος, Πρόεδρος ΣΕΣΑΕ

Ιστοσελίδα 27 Νοε. 2018


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